Thursday, June 3, 2010

Our First Change

So technically this isn't our first change to the house. The first change was the new water heater. Then there was the radon removal pipes and fans, and the new electrical switch for the air conditioner. But this is the first change worth blogging about. (Although we went with a 50 gallon water heater, which is pretty sweet, but doesn't photograph well.)

We had a ceiling fan/light installed in the living room!

Ooh! Ahh!

Not terribly exciting, but it's nice to be able to install overhead lamps where you want them and this was the only room missing one. And fortunately we had an old ceiling fan sitting around and I love me some ceiling fan. (Although we'll probably look into a new one soonish because some sort of something was missing so he couldn't hang it close the ceiling; it has to drop down a bit. Our tall friends and family will have to be careful not to bang their head on the lights, but they'll be spared a beheading by the fan blades.)

Of course the beauty of the ceiling fan is slightly marred by the continued chaos in the living room, and the whole house really. But it's slowly coming together.


the real mia said...

Oooh, I love the colors of your walls!

Katie said...

Thanks Mia!