Monday, August 2, 2010

My Thoughts on Things

Was awesome and made more sense than I thought it would, which makes me think I'm missing something. You should see it so you can talk to everyone else about it. It was also very nice in the IMAX theater and I'm still bitter that I missed the first half of the Harry Potter trailer.

Worst. Movie. Ever. Except maybe Dunston Checks In. I don't like "end of world" movies as a genre; the less visual I have on that situation the happier I am. Watching billions of people die is never a good time, especially if it's horribly predictable, trite and ridiculous. If you want to see the best bad movie ever, I recommend Cabin Fever.

Eat Pray Love
I'm Catholic and I love being Catholic and I like Catholic things so I did not expect to like this book because I thought it would be too, for lack of anything more politically correct, "hippie-dippie spiritual". (Which is fine if that's what you believe in, but it's not something I want to read for 300 pages.) But I really really loved this book and can't wait for the movie. I actually related to a lot of her thoughts on God and faith and enjoyed flipping through all my underlined passages when I passed the book on to a friend this weekend. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one whom, in a moment of crisis, God tells to get some sleep.

Arrested Development
My new obsession. I'm trying to get everyone and their brother to watch it because I love it and do not have enough fellow fans in my life. If you love Arrested Development maybe we could start some kind of support group. If you don't love it yet, you can watch all the three seasons on Netflix Instant and you will thank me. IMDB says that there's a movie in pre-production which is both exciting and scary. (Please don't suck. Please don't suck.)

Also, IMDB says that there's a Hangover 2 in pre-production? Also exciting and scary. (Please don't suck. Please don't suck.)

Project Runway
A note to the contestants: You're surprised that you don't have enough time?! NO ONE has enough time!! (Except maybe that guy who did pants, a top and a cape. That was crazy.) That is the point of the show. You are given an impossible task and no time and then you cry for the judges. If I knew I was going on Project Runway, I would do sewing time trials at home and practice making pants from garbage bags. Maybe I should start a new career as coach for future Project Runway contestants.

image: Rob Inh00d


Dawn said...

Katie, I agree. I did not have high expectations for Eat, Pray, Love, but wanted to read it since everyone was and I rarely read popular books and wanted to be in the know about one of them! I loved the book! I underlined so many parts, and was also surprised by how her description of her faith put into words many thoughts and feelings I have about my own.

And you have another Arrested Development group member here. Ryan's lab-mate Kyle got us into it by loaning us his seasons, and Ryan loved them so much that I got him the DVD collection for Christmas. We've been watching them (again) recently and thoroughly enjoying them!

Han said...

I went to see this – I really liked it but it took so much concentration to keep up with some of the dream sequences. When Arthur “stacks” everyone to get them to the elevator it’s genius! Behind the scenes on that bit would be interesting – I also liked the bending of the Paris skyline – that was good. (Also was I the only one who wanted a little bit more romance between Ariadne and Arthur?? Maybe it’s just me lol)

I have it on DVD and did like it (if that’s the right phrasing). It was nice to have that bit of romance at the end after all the destruction. However if you want a disaster movie I would stick with Day After Tomorrow.

Eat Pray Love
Haven’t read the book yet and can’t wait for the movie. I saw the trailer a while back and just need to find out the UK release date :D

Arrested Development
I don’t think we get this over here unless it’s on one of the subscription channels (we have freeview so it’s limited as to what we get really). I’ve been watching a show called As If on YouTube. I’d forgotten how much I’d loved it during my teens – I keep trying to find the two US episodes that aired but it’s a bit of a challenge really.

Hangover 2? I saw about the first half of the first one and then went out while my brother and my housemate finished watching it.

Katie said...

Dawn – Yay for another Arrested Development fan!

Hannah – Definitely read Eat Pray Love. It's delightful!