Thursday, August 12, 2010

TripTik Nostalgia

This weekend I picked up a TripTik for our vacation. The whole concept seemed kind of odd — picking up a paper map — but my aunt recommended it as a fun car hobby to mark progress. And it's very nostalgic for me. Every vacation growing up we always drove and there was always the trip to AAA to pick up the TripTik and guide books. That and at 26, it's time I learned how to read a map, other than Google mapping how to get downtown.

Plus, the nice AAA lady noted traffic (We're not going back through Asheville because apparently the backups from road construction heading west are horrendous.), construction and popular speed traps. Google doesn't do that for you.

In 26 hours we'll be on the road! (I hope.)


Han said...

There is something about having a paper map - even when I got my Sat Nav I still carried a paper map just in case.

Katie said...

It is kind of fun!

steph anne said...

I LOVE TripTiks from AAA! It makes the roadtrip more fun by turning the pages when you reach that destination on that page. Have fun!!

Katie said...

Thanks Steph Anne!