Friday, August 27, 2010

Week in Review: 8/27


Nom nom nom...tasty dessert from Redhead Recipes.

I really really really want to sew more but I haven't made the time. This is a tempting project.

Can I live here?

The big party is next weekend so I might have to try one of these fancy tea recipes.

I was kind of wanting to put a map in our office but I'm intrigued by this first idea.

Happy weekend! : )


Pin said...

i love those map paintings. i've had that etsy store bookmarked forever, but i don't think i can shell out $165 for them. i thought about buying some canvasses and trying my hand at it myself.

Katie said...

It wouldn't be too hard to do it yourself. The hardest part would be scaling, but if you had a design program where you could start it in actual size and then cut it into 8.5x11 sections it wouldn't be too bad.

Jamie said...

I loved those ideas for geographical prints - I want to put up a cool-looking state though. Not necessarily the one I live in :-)