Wednesday, February 16, 2011

19 Weeks

19 weeks

We are days away from the half-way mark and everything is going lovely. I think I'm finally getting that second trimester energy burst and I'm feeling increasingly confident about pregnancy, birth and afterward.

We've made a few big-ish decisions since the 16 weeks' update. We have started Bradley classes, had our first midwife appointment, and have a doula. We LOVE our midwife and our doula and I couldn't feel better about it (especially after watching The Business of Being Born, where the only thing more frightening than the statistics is the nudity. I totally support their choice to be nude, but I definitely saw some things I would like to unsee.) We're really enjoying our Bradley classes, even Lee. Watching Lee get into the birth stuff is freakin' adorable. Almost as adorable as tiny baby clothes.

I have felt sporadic baby movements but nothing consistent. Nurse said it could be up to 24 weeks before I feel them so I'm not too worried.

We'll be finding out gender on March 1. While I had been feeling neutral, I'm increasingly hoping this is a girl. I picked up Lee's almost-14-year-old sister's birthday present tonight and came home gushing about its girly awesomeness and features and Lee said, "You really need a little girl." So true. If we find out it's a boy, I will probably have to buy some argyle and stare at Lee's baby pictures to cheer me up. (Lee was the cutest baby ever. Evidence below.)

(Of course I will totally love our baby whether boy, girl or some complicated third option. I'm just really girly and have a thing for little girls in the most appropriate and socially acceptable way possible.)

I picked up an avocado and cucumber roll from Whole Foods this weekend hoping it would stem my constant ache for sushi, but I think it only increased my hunger. Le sigh.

I got my first random inquiry from a stranger regarding my due date which I'm thrilled about. I don't mind looking pregnant since I am, but it makes me sad to think I just look pudgy.

Only 21-ish more weeks to go!


Ginny said...

Your baby bump could not be cuter! Plus breton stripes are very on-trend right now - the nugget is lucky to have such a stylish mom :)

Han said...

Yummy Mummy!

Han said...

Nope you do look pregnant rather than like you had a big lunch. My friend is due in April and looks like she might pop - I saw her twice at the weekend having not seen her in about two weeks which I guess is why I thought she might pop. She's having a girl. I keep looking at the cute baby girl clothes in our local supermarket lol. Can't wait to meet her :)

There's a show here called One Born Every Minute and it's on a maternity ward or something like that - I haven't really watched it by one of the guys at work gives us a run down - his wifey is pregnant with their second so she wants to watch it as research and he just gets grossed out and scared lol.

Katie Earley said...

Thanks! You can't tell but I'm also wearing skinny jeans. Is it sad that my first pair of skinny jeans are actually maternity skinny jeans? ;)

Katie Earley said...

I haven't watched a birth show in years! I always thought they made birth seem terrifying and horrible and I'm generally trying to avoid that attitude. ;)

Dawn said...

You are the cutest little pregnant mama-to-be ever! Glad you're feeling great!!

Katie Earley said...

Thanks! :)

Kimbrough said...

Complicated third option... ha ha ha. Here's hoping it will be either all boy or all girl!

Katie Earley said...

That's what we're hoping for it's always good to prepare yourself. ;)