Monday, February 21, 2011


After what's felt like a particularly harsh winter, we finally got a bit of a reprieve. I guess I could say it's been unseasonably warm (50s and 60s), but Kentucky is prone to unseasonable weather year round so it's expected. Or at least I expect it and get very grumpy when weeks of below-freezing temperatures persist without the usual unseasonably warm break.

While I've enjoyed taking some more walks (which I need to do regardless of lower temps), I think Zoey is enjoying it the most. The first warm day she had no desire to come inside at all, although she had to because eating leaves (at least I hope it was leaves) is unacceptable. There are no squirrels to chase inside and she prefers to sit under the trees and wait for them, full of hope that some day she'll catch one. Not that I'm sure she knows what she would do with it if she ever did. I hope we'll never find out.

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Rebecca S said...

She looks so sweet out there! I just love dogs.