Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Next 142 Days

There are 142 days until July 1. Since I'm due in mid-July, I'm setting July 1 as the deadline for the house projects we want to get done before the baby.


In the next 142 days, we will:

+ Paint all the trim and doors in the house white. (Currently some is tan and some is white.)
+ Paint the hallways and family room.
+ Paint and decorate the nursery of course!
+ Paint the deck. (Before we bought the house the previous owners replaced a couple steps but couldn't paint them, so we have 2 steps to paint.)
+ Slipcovers for the couches.
+  Finally unpack the stuff in the basement.
+ Clean the windows.
+ Plant an herb garden.
+ Make some front yard landscaping changes and maybe a few in the back yard.

I think it sounds doable, but feel free to stop by with your paint brush and/or shovel. ;)


Han said...

I would stop by but it might be a bit far to come. Then again if I was on a tour or something I could stop by for a weekend and paint in exchange for a patch in the garden to pitch my tent and bathroom privileges lol.

Katie Earley said...

Haha...sounds like a plan. ;)

steph anne said...

All sounds like fun...mostly because I love doing things around the house. Don't forget to take before/after pictures to show us! :)

Caitlin said...

I wish I could come with a paint brush and shovel! I'd love to help! Alas. Can't wait to see the progress! Miss you.

Katie Earley said...

I wish you could help too because I miss you too! :(

Katie Earley said...

There will be tons of pictures!