Monday, February 28, 2011

February Loves (and Loves Nots)


+ Warmer weather means lovely walks and bringing out the spring nail colors.
+ Love Walked In is a delightful book.
+ I have been sucked back in to The Bachelor. Lee would not say this is a good thing.
+ Two friends had babies this month. Whee!
+ Whole Foods sushi.
+ Pre-natal yoga.
+ Colin Firth won a long-overdue Oscar. It's a truth universally acknowledged that he did not receive enough accolades for his work as Mr. Darcy, both Austen's and Fielding's.

Not so much love for:
+ Breast cancer. Be sure to do your monthly checks. Boys too.
+ UK's away record. (Basketball, if you're not a local.)

On a happier note, if baby cooperates we'll find out the gender tomorrow! SQUEEE!!!


Han said...

Then again apparently as part of Firth's rider for interviews and things like that you're not allowed to mention the first Darcy appearance - he really doesn't like something about it. Maybe because it's so hyped lol. Then again you could always talk about the Fielding's version right?

Katie Earley said...

Perhaps because so many people love him just for him jumping into the pond?! But there are rumors of a Bridget Jones 3!

Catie said...

YES! I'm SO SAD I didn't see the Oscars this year :( But I was pulling for Colin Firth and for The Kings Speech. It was definitely my favorite flick of the year :)
.... I will be waiting for the big news! I think I'm almost as excited as you guys are! :D

Tricia said...

I had a really terrible dream about a week or two ago where I told you that I was so excited to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl, I wanted to punch you in the face. Then, dream me pointed out that that is a VERY rude thing to say to someone, even if you are just excitedly dream-joking.

hannah said...

I noticed such a difference doing pre-natal yoga with number two! Way to go! I found it made birth much easier and more relaxing. (Yes, I really said more relaxing!) Its awesome. :)

steph anne said...

I hope you get to find out the gender!!!!! How exciting :)

Katie Earley said...

Haha...It's okay! Dream Katie understands that you meant well. ;)