Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Loves (and Loves Nots)

snow day 1.21.11

+ WordPress and their magical ability to reply to comments.

+ Watching all three seasons of Arrested Development for the second time.

+ Designing my first website. Which will hopefully be live here someday soon. Like by March?

+ Michael Scott met David Brent and it was perfection.

+ Buy one get one half off maternity jeans.

+ A trip to Guadi's. (Guadi's is the Mexican restaurant where I went to college and I'm obsessed with it. This is largely emotional, but the food is also tasty.)

Not so much love for:

+ Snow.

+ Winter.

+ Cold.

+ The American. (The movie with George Clooney. In general I really like Americans, but The American wasn't worth the $1.06 from Redbox. Boy agrees.)


Stefanie said...

Your house looks so adorable. :) I also don't have much love for snow, winter and coldness these days.

Katie Earley said...

At least you're in Texas so the cold is much rarer!