Thursday, January 21, 2010


Notice what's missing?
no bowls

I use a lot of bowls. I think that's because I'm a messy eater. Things are so nicely contained in bowls.

The dishwasher is full of bowls and not enough of anything else to warrant running a load. I guess I'll have to start using plates again for a few days.


Rebecca said...

Hehe I'm exactly the same! I find the dishwasher quite stressful as I feel I have to wait for a complete load before I can put it on, and I always end up with no bowls! So a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd experiment with handwashing, and my husband asked why there were bits still on the plates.... maybe I need that dishwasher after all!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

My hand washing leaves bits to! I don't get it because I try really hard and I check them but Lee (who is usually drying) always hands them back pointing out bits. Dishwashers need to allow you to do different sized loads like laundry machines. Or maybe they already do and I'm just confused.

stefanie said...

My kitchen cupboard looks exactly the same. We use a lot of bowls too. For breakfast, dinner, lunch, snack food. :)