Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Dream Room

After a holiday hiatus, the home hunting is back on full-steam ahead! This time, with the added excitement of potentially buying a house for reals! (Our lease isn't up until the end of April, so it would take a super special deal to make us cancel our lease early.)

As the likelihood of us being home owners approaches, I am of course frantically planning how I want to decorate. There are many eclectic things I have starred in my Google Reader over the past year: bold colors, calm colors, antiques, modern pieces, eclectic clutter, minimal displays. I've been trying to define what it is I really like, what words I want to describe my home. While all of the above can be incorporated, which gets incorporated the most?

And then I was flipping through my Real Simple and I saw it. The bedroom that epitomizes my home style.

Hardwood floors. They got cut off in the picture but they are on the other side of the bed. You can see the rug though. Hardwood floors with rugs make me really really happy.

Light wall colors. I've debated this one, but I think I like lighter -- though not pastel! -- colors on the walls. It keeps things feeling light and airy and allows you to bring in brighter, bolder colors through easily exchangeable accessories. Imagine some eggplant curtains in this room! Yum.

Modern meets less modern. I appreciate the simple clean lines of the modern pieces like the bed and dresser, but I also love older touches, like the bedside table on the right, the clock on the other bedside table, and the perfume tray on the dresser. The modern and not-so-modern come together splendidly.

The right amount of clutter. I hate clutter, but then just a little bit of stuff can add some charm. This room is very clean, but has some interesting pieces grouped about, like the perfume bottles or the books, clock and flowers on the left bedside table.

Just a little fancy. I like fancy things (I'm a bit of a Fancy Nancy fan.), but I love my jeans and bare feet. I want a home where I can put out my china or everyday dishes and either choice would make sense. This is a nice, well-put-together room, but you could imagine that the person who lives here prefers to wear jeans with her pearls.


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Ha, I love Fancy Nancy... I wish she were around when I was 5!

Would you qualify for the $8000 tax credit? They've extended for this spring... I'd say that is a great deal worth moving in earlier. Also, you could buy the house and keep the rental for a month or so. Slow moves are so much easier! Plus, you'd have the time and space to do some painting and other projects.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Sadly we don't qualify for the $8000. Within the past three years Lee co-signed a friend's mortgage so he was on the title for about a year even though he was paying rent to live there. I could buy the home myself, but Lee's in the Army Reserve and we'll take a VA mortgage over the FHA. At least we won't have to pay PMI!

angela.kolachny said...

agreed! fancy nancy rocks:o) I LOVEEEEEEE real simple magazine! they always give me ideas for my organization new years resolutions! good luck house hunting:o)

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Thanks Angela!

Jill said...

looooove. i showed husband a photo of room like that he said "there isn't enough black". oh gawd, what am i gonna do if we get a house this spring!?

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Umm...that could be tricky Jill. Maybe if you gave Husband his very own black room the rest of the house could be not black?! ;)