Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turning Off the Lights

There was a time in my life when I could program the VCR, take Zoey out to potty at night, and sleep with the lights off. (I have a small light on in the living room all the time. This does not count.)
Ready for Avatar!
And then there was Lee. (Yes, that is us wearing our 3-D glasses in line to see Avatar. We are too cool.)

Being an IT nerd, he can easily handle my technology concerns, so why bother? Why stand outside alone in the dark where it's scary, when I can make Lee do it? (We live in a totally safe neighborhood. I'm just paranoid.) And if Lee's at an overnight LAN party (Did I mention he's a nerd?), why sleep in the dark because it's scary to be alone? I've completely forgotten about that time when I lived by myself and didn't needlessly rack up my electric bill during the night.

Sometimes, this abandoning of past "skills" is the result of having someone to share the load with. Lee has taken over our technology needs and I make sure we have things to eat and clean clothes. But I do think it's a little pathetic that when Lee's not here I sleep with the lights on. For six months I lived by myself before moving to Louisville and I always slept with the lights off, with no one but Zoey. Since Lee and I have been married though, if he's not home I sleep with the bedroom lights on. Will I ever put my big married girl panties on and sleep alone in the dark?

Yes! Last Friday Lee was playing video games all night at a friend's house and I turned the lights off and went to sleep. I feel so grown up! ;)


Han said...

I don't sleep with the lights on but I double check the back and front door. In our old house, I would open the door, close the door and then do the two locks. Then walk through the house and do the same with the back door! lol.

I watched Doctor Who before Christmas. I'd tell you the story but realised that it wont make sense unless you've seen the episode lol. Did you see The Waters of Mars episode?

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with paranoid habits! ;)

No Hannah, I have never seen Doctor Who. Coupling and Keeping Up Appearances are the only British shows I've really gotten into, although I have been meaning to watch the British Office since I love the American one.

thegamerswife said...

I hadn't realized how many things I used to be able to do on my own that I don't do now that I'm married until I read your post! How crazy...of COURSE I can program the VCR on my own or fix a simple computer issue, but why bother when I have someone else there? :-P

I lived perfectly fine on my own for a YEAR before we were married, but I still can't sleep if the husband is ever away for the night! Something just doesn't feel right about it :)

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I just suspect that between 10 pm to 7 am, if husband isn't home I am 400% more likely to die brutally.

That's rational, right? ;)

Han said...

Don't do it! Don't watch the UK Office it's no way near as funny as the American one.

Me and my Brother both liked Coupling - we used to watch Keeping Up Appearances when nothing else was on lol. I was always waiting for the day that Elizabeth freaked out and try to beat Hyacinth up lol. Hyacinth's Brother in law.