Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Joy Joy Joy

I remember the evening of March 4, 2009 oddly well. Lee and I had been given some tickets to go see Cirque Dreams. While it was very entertaining, I was more preoccupied with the texts my mom kept sending me: scores of the UK vs. Georgia game. We HAD to win this game. It was at Rupp (home court), Georgia was having a bad year (Sorry Jenn.), and with our less-than-stellar performance so far that season, victory here was essential to make it to the tournament. We're Kentucky Basketball. We go to the NCAA Tournament. Growing up I had never even heard of the NIT. Isn't that how you get rid of lice?

We got home in time to watch the last five minutes. It was not pretty. We could have won, but somehow we didn't, as was becoming our habit. I hadn't even bothered to turn the lights on in my rush to the TV, so as the buzzer sounded, Lee kindly left me in the dark, alone with my grief. (Umm...there may or may not have been real tears involved...don't judge!)

It wasn't so much another loss, another home loss, but the whole future of UK basketball seemed dim. We had thrown away any hopes of having a respectable season (Okay, I still had some crazy notions we could win the SEC tournament and save all.) (You should also note that UK fans have ridiculously high standards for what constitutes a "respectable season".), and even if we got rid of the current big-hott-mess of a coach, it would take years to rebuild the program.

But it's happened. Magically (Well, it's not really magic so much as hiring the best coach in the league and bringing in the best recruiting class.), in just ten months, UK is now the #1 ranked basketball team in the country!! We are the only undefeated basketball team left!! *happy John Wall dancing* (If you don't know what that is, this is exactly what I'm doing.)

(To add to my joy, UofL is doing not so well, which makes up for their unwarranted success last year. Oh that was bitter to witness!)

I can't stop beaming. My most beloved basketball team is back on top! All is right with the world...at least as far as college sports go. Hopefully we'll be getting some new banners soon. Very soon. ;)

On an even crazier note, my awesome mom sent me another sweet care package Friday with Little Debbie Valentine Hearts and a UK2K shirt (You know, to celebrate that UK is the first program to reach 2,000 wins. Impressive, huh?) which I wore during Saturday's game and we dominated during Saturday's game. Clearly, this means that I should wear the UK2K shirt for all of the rest of our games this season, right? Unwashed of course.


angela.kolachny said...

uh oh...should I lie and say I'm not a die hard UGA fan?? yikes! lol! How was Cirque?? I've always wanted to see that!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

That's okay Angela! One of my good friends is a GA fan.
Cirque dreams was pretty good. I think Lee actually liked it more than I did, which was weird. I thought it got a little old after awhile. After you've seen them bend so many ways it becomes less cool. But definitely something to check out sometime.

Emily said...

I just found your blog. I have to say, I am a UGA grad, but not so much a basketball fan (football is king for me). I come from a family of die-hard UK basketball fans. I had the cheerleader outfit when I was 4, they made me yell "Go Cats!" constantly. They go to the SEC championship every year and Mom even did the John Wall dance on Christmas Day.

And yes, they all have UK2K shirts too.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Emily, Your family sounds amazing! ;)