Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am not always a quick decision maker. I will go back and forth over decisions WAY more than necessary and more than most sane people can tolerate. There's been one choice I've been struggling with for about two months and I am coming to you all for help and guidance.
Charles my Nikon needs a bag.

I have selected bags in certain categories but can't select which category I should go with. The main goal is to make Charles as portable as possible because I love to have him with me. It's creepy the affection I have for him. Probably my most-loved piece of technology ever.

You should also know that I'm about as good as packing light as I am making decisions so I carry lots of things with me. (I'm that girl who always has the bobby pin, floss, hand lotion, pen, paper, etc. you need. It's an important service that I offer.) And you don't have to worry about me transporting camera accessories at this time. Once I get the handle shooting modes other than auto, I'll look into some lenses and crazy flash stuff.

Option 1: Fitted case

Pros: The camera and case would take up very little space and I could pretty much just put Charles in any bag and walk out the door.
Cons: I haven't been able to locate a case that fits my specific model, but models that are very similar to mine. While I really like the idea of the case being able to fit in my main bag, it would be nice if it could also function as a stand-alone case, which this doesn't do. I would always want to put it in another bag.

Option 2: The Three Million Dollar Home
Pros: There are several bags in this style, but Crumpler's Three Million Dollar Home had me once I saw their sweet site, excellent bag quality, and ridiculous amount of positive reviews. I think and hope that this could fit in a messenger (I might finally get that Bayan Hippo bag I've wanted for literally the past year.) or tote bag because I like to travel with one large-ish bag. It can also work as a stand-alone bag if I want it to on any given day.
Cons: There aren't really any cons, so much as there is the existence of other options that have pros. 

Option 3: The Five or Six Million Dollar Home
Pros: A camera messenger bag that could hold a camera and my wallet, lotion, floss, pen, paper, cell phone, lip gloss, iPod...
Cons: A little bulky in a way I find unattractive. Also, I was really hoping to not spend that much money on a camera bag (Yeah, yeah, Option 2 plus the new Bayan Hippo bag would be equal or greater than Option 3, but with Option 2 you get two bags instead of one!).

Option 4: Backpack
I'm just throwing this out there since real-life friend suggested it when this whole hullabaloo started, but this option just doesn't appeal to me. I rarely want to carry a backpack and those get expensive. I'd rather go messenger bag or tote route.

Now that I've written this all down and gained a bit of clarity, it seems like Option 2 is the clear winner, but feedback filled with personal anecdotes about transporting your large camera would be greatly appreciated!


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I saw this today... ... it's amazing, but also extremely expensive! Maybe you could gather a little inspiration from it and do a diy version using thrift store finds? I bet a cushy lunchbox could be used for parts.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Oh wow...I don't think I needed to know that existed Kasey! I tried to ebay it but I couldn't find it. I'll keep dreaming...

Amanda said...

I like the 3 million dollar home:) I am exactly the same way about everything!! I even carry a Tide pen lol!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I should probably get a Tide pen!

Jamie said...

I'm going to be the weirdo who says get the fitted case AND a bag. I didn't think this until I really started taking the camera with me to lots of places. The fitted is nice to throw in your handbag if you are just going out for the day and know you won't need another lens or cords. But then when I was on vacation, I wanted everything in one location, so I had an official camera with room for all its "junk."

Most importantly, it should be adorable. Charles deserves it.