Thursday, July 1, 2010

More to File Under "Neuroses"

I stayed up past my bedtime last night doing...nothing. Except worrying. I'm a worrier. The things I worried about last night varied in importance and immediacy, but they shared one thing in common: I didn't need to worry about them.

This morning I came across a quote, reminding me of how worthless all this worrying really is.
Emmerson quote
The thing is though, it's good to be prepared. So I worry about how to be prepared, because that's the responsible thing to do, right? I think I confuse "responsible preparedness" with "incessant worry". I have yet to see the latter actually solve anything.

Once again, I'm sure Jane has the answer.
preparation quote


Rebecca said...

hehe that sounds like me! I love these quotes.

Katie said...

Thanks Rebecca!

Sarah said...

I keep meaning to ask: I haven't ever read any Jane Austen books (which is kind of terrible for a former English major!). What you be your recommendation for my first Austen read?

Katie said...

OMG Sarah this is the best question ever. My favorite, and the generally acknowledged favorite, is Pride and Prejudice. I read Sense and Sensibility first because the release of the Emma Thompson movie perfectly aligned with my budding interests in romance, period dress, and big books. (I was 12/13.) And from there I read them in sequence of publication, since S&S was first. Next was P&P and my life was never the same. (For reals.)

P&P is hard to not love so probably the best place to start. P&P, Emma and Northanger Abbey have the most humor which is great because well, honestly, these aren't page turners. S&S and Persuasion are LOVELY and I would argue have the best endings because Elinor and Anne are the worthiest heroines (Even though my first-born girl will be named for P&P's Elizabeth). I'm still trying to like Mansfield Park. Read that last. Or third if you want to read them in order but don't judge the rest of them by that one.

Maggie Rose said...

This is so me, too! I'm a crazy worrier! For me the key is to still prepare, but then to try to stop worrying if I'm as prepared as possible. I'll let you know if I figure that one out ;)

Katie said...

Haha...Thanks Maggie!