Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Penny Pinching

Lee and I have a monthly budget that we try to stick to. Normally, this works out fine, but lately it seems that something comes up and we always go over a little. We keep some extra in the checking account so this isn't necessarily a huge problem (yet) but towards the end of the month I always go into crazy-mode (One might say I stay in crazy-mode.) in an attempt to stay within the budget.

As of Sunday, we were exactly at budget for July. I'm determined to make it through the rest of the week without spending another penny! (In theory.) This month I feel like I've come up with some mildly special ways of stretching our current lack-of-dollar, so I thought I'd share.

  • There was 1.5 things we really did need. Kitty litter and milk. Fortunately, I got a $15 rebate from the last time I bought Zoey's flea and tick medicine so that extra income has covered those extra costs covered!
  • I have absolutely no eye makeup remover left, so I googled other options because I knew I had heard of some. I wound up using baby oil and it worked better than the stuff I was out of. Score!
  • I had been craving chocolate but we were out of pre-packaged treats. I did have some chocolate-chip cookie ingredients though!
  • I'm running low on breakfast bars so I'm bringing bread and jam and making toast and jelly at work. This is probably a fairly obvious solution, but I hadn't thought of it before so I felt clever.
  • Also not ground-breaking, but as I was pouting about our lack of chips until I remembered that we have a lot of popcorn.
Ultimately, the moral of this story is: Really evaluate what's lying around because there is probably something that will work.

There are a few small things that might push us no more than $5 over but I think we did a good job this month! *pats self on back*

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