Friday, July 17, 2009

Stitch-tastic Cards and Awkward Photos

I was trying to be clever and easy at the same time and decided to try my hand at stitching some cards for a birthday present.

It was easy and it wasn't at the same time, meaning it took a couple nights (while watching Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory) and the hole punching (Push pins work better than the embroidery needle, in my opinion.) was a bit tiresome and produced some hand cramps, but I'm generally pleased.


I got the fireworks pattern from Sublime Stitching's flickr. I was really pleased with these.

004 - Copy

The "e" is my favorite; the tea cup is my least favorite. The tea cup is taken from some random clip art and I just printed off a big "e."

I'm still working on my technique a bit, but I think there's some potential here.

In other DIY news, in an attempt to save money I've decided to try to trim my own bangs. I bought some real-deal hair scissors yesterday and gave it a whirl. I am quite relieved it turned out alright.


I never know what to do in photos. The standard smile seems too cheesy but then my other faces are just weird.
I'm awkward.


Caitlin said...

That is very impressive! I think the 'e' is my favorite, but they all look lovely! I want to learn how to do that!!

God's Rock Angel said...

They are pretty :)

I like the E one as well :)

I used to try cutting my own bangs but I'd cut them wonky or too short lol. I tend to only cut extra layers into mine now as it's quite long - if it still goes back into a ponytail then it's not too bad.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I found this site really helpful for the stitching how-to. For the fireworks you're come up and down, pretty straightforward. For the others, if you download one of the patterns from like this one:

it has instructions. The tea cup follows the stitching instructions on the pattern and then the e is the upside down of those instructions.

Happy crafting!