Friday, July 10, 2009

My New Dream Job

I have a new dream job. I hope to get things underway by the end of the month. I haven't told Lee yet but I'm 110% sure he'll be on board.

Apartment Therapy posted a link to this PERFECT $7 million castle in RI that is screaming, "Katie, make me a B&B!!"

Well, I've been talking with some of my good friends and we have a bullet-proof business plan for this. Jenn and I have long debated the merits of us becoming professional wedding planners so we will make this castle a charming B&B and ideal place to have your wedding. Jenn, my favorite cook in the world (We used to live together and boy do I miss chicken tortilla soup when I'm sick and pasta with vodka sauce when I'm sad!) is in charge of the kitchen and horses, since she is also an accomplished equestrian. I'm decorating with Caitlin and we'll also coordinate guest services. Cynda, my history major friend, is our historical tour guide. Jenn's husband will handle the finances and mine will handle the Wifi website.

Rhode Island here we come! : D

image: Franco Folini

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