Thursday, July 23, 2009

Red and Aqua?

I've realized that I have this tendency to excessively color coordinate my home, even though when I look through decorating blogs and websites I appreciate a more eclectic feel. So I'm trying to un-Sears catalog the home. Slowly but surely.

Currently I'm thinking about changing up the couch pillows and throwing in some new color spice on the mantel and bookshelves. The couch is red with coordinating pillows that came with it from Value City. Not fun, as seen in this photo from a couple years ago.

cropped couch
Aww...are those anniversary flowers? I think they are!

So I'm thinking, to jazz things up a bit, I'll introduce some aqua. Yes, aqua. Here's a fabric swatch I'm lovin' and more evidences of the awesome power of this color combination here at Party Perfect, oh brooke, and The Inspired Bride.

It may be months before this plan goes into action, but I'm excited!


God's Rock Angel said...

red and aqua is definitely going to be interesting! We currently rent which is a little annoying 0- hopefully one day we'll have a property that we can decorate ourselves.

Jill said...

do it! our wedding colors were red and aqua. i cannot tell you enough how great the colors looked together. throw in a little black damask and/or wrought iron, and you have a winner!

Sarah said...

Come do my house! (maybe not in Red and aqua though...) ;)

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Haha...I would love to do your house! We must continue our attempts to schedule a date!