Monday, April 19, 2010

Betting on the Ponies

This Saturday I went to Keeneland with several of my dearest friends. Needless to say, Saturdays don't get much better than that.
I even won! This was after I won $2.60 on my $2 bet on Deal Breaker, a decision that was 90% based on 30 Rock. Liz Lemon never disappoints. Fun Fact: I always drink gin and tonics at horse races.
In my opinion, Keeneland is so much prettier than Churchill Downs.


And the horses were lovely. This is uptowncharlybrown. He won me $4.20 back on a $6 bet. (Sadly, this is about the most successful day I've ever had at the track.)
Megan had worse luck than me, and advises, "Don't bet on the 4 horse!" (The 4 horse came in last in like every race.)
I this this picture is my favorite. Might have to frame it.


Rebecca said...

Wish I could have been there! I love Keeneland, and I love you guys! Cute necklace in that first pic, btw.

Katie said...

As always, we missed you while we were at Keeneland and enjoying other bachelorette festivities. And Lee got me the necklace off of Etsy! I love Etsy! (And Lee! And ampersands!)

VA said...

That last picture is amazing - definitely frame it!

Katie said...

Thanks Ginny!

Ashley Colagross said...

I too love the ampersand necklace!

Katie said...

Thanks Ashley!