Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Way Out

march 25
I think I'm running a 5K.

Lee and I decided a month ago to run the Throo the Zoo 5K together (I can't run it alone in case I give up or get lost or trampled. It's my first "big race"). But the weeks went on, we still hadn't signed up, and I hadn't really started running. (I have got to get new running shoes this weekend!) I had started to assume we would be skipping this one.

Lee calls me last week to see what we're doing the weekend of May 8 because he was wanting to play in an ultimate frisbee tournament. I reminded him it was my cousin's wedding and we had mentioned doing that race but whatever, go to the tournament if you want to.

But no, once he remembered about the race he insisted he skip the tournament so he could run the 5K with me. Because he had promised. And I was going to get my butt in gear and do this. Silly boy.

So now I have no excuse. Let the training begin! (Once I get those new shoes which I am so doing this weekend. For sure.)


Pin said...

you can do it!

Katie said...

Thanks Pinju!

kim_brough said...

When I did my first 5K several years ago, I had this vision of me being the LAST person out there and some really fit chick on a bull horn saying "Ma'am! The race is over; get off the course!". Not true even a lil bit. So many people walk these things. You'll do fine! I've thought about doing that one, too. If I don't die during the mini, that is.

Erin said...

Yes, get new shoes quick! Apparently, you need lots of time to break them in.

I'm not a runner, but I overheard my friend lecturing one of her friends about the importance of running a race in shoes that are already broken in.

Good luck!

Katie said...

Kim - Thanks for the encouragement! I am concerned though because I run at the pace of a moderate-quick walk, so the runners might beat me. ;) Let me know if you decide to run it too.

Erin - Thanks for the advice! I should make it to the store this weekend to get some new ones I hope!

steph anne said...

Good luck!!! I hope to run a 5K & marathon some day. :)

Katie said...

Thanks Steph Anne! Good luck with your racing!