Monday, April 12, 2010

Treading Water

Lately I feel like I've just been treading water. And in a non-metaphorical sense I'm actually horrible at treading water. (I don't know how to swim; I doggie-paddle.) So while treading water is nice because things that need to get done get done, you also don't really get anywhere. There is food to eat, clean clothes to wear, DVR backlog is manageable, but none of the fun stuff gets done: reading, running, cooking special meals, the 300 movies in my Netflix queue (not an over exaggeration, 311 to be exact), blogging, calling friends, seeing friends, half-finished craft projects.

This generally makes me feel funky. I feel like every blog post lately is "I'm in a funk." And if it's not "I'm in a funk", I'm thinking that but don't want to say it...again. Because that would be lame and whiny and I like to think I gave that up after high school college.
april 10
But I got some things accomplished this weekend and feel ready for the week. I will not come home feeling lethargic after work every day. I will read. I will run. I will finish craft projects I started months ago. I will enjoy a new season of Glee.

Of course in all the mess above, the resolutions have not been going great. The reading has slacked to pre-resolution levels and the exercise habit never started. But on a positive note, I have been eating well. I gave up sweet treats for Easter and was dreading/looking forward to the Easter candy binging but it didn't happen. I haven't eater more than two Tagalongs in a day. That is definitely some kind of record. And even though I had  forgotten what I was supposed to do in April (Be a better friend.), I wrote a friend a letter last week. So I was resolution-ing without even knowing it.

So here's to Mondays. And new weeks. And swimming to shore.


Rebecca said...

I feel the same way sometimes. And I mostly have myself (and my horrible, procrastinating self to blame) to blame. I end up filling my time with things that accomplish nothing (like reading the Pioneer Woman's minute descriptions of her life...and watching accompanying clips). In reality, I have this long list of things that I really do want to do, things that might actually enhance my quality of life, that just gets pushed to the back of my mind. Anyway, I understand, friend! You can do it, though! One thing at a time!

Katie said...

Thanks Rebecca! :)