Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here You Come Again

House hunting (and job hunting for that matter) is a lot like dating. Or spouse hunting, if you will. And like all good love stories, there are songs to go along with the stages of the relationship's development. I've mentioned that I selected Michael Buble's "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" as the theme song for this journey. As the twists and turns continue, today's song is none other than Dolly Parton's classic "Here You Come Again". (Somewhat Secret Fact: I love me some Dolly. The music and the movies. Not so much the theme park.)

Remember that house we made an offer but we couldn't agree on a price? They needed to get the asking price to settle the rest of their mortgage and it wasn't really worth that. (Okay, we were arguing over $3,000, which isn't really worth it but we already offered $4,000 more than comps were selling for so I wasn't going to give them a penny more. And it's like buying a car, you don't pay full price.)

Well, we've been watching the house over the past month. It's still on the market. One house near it that's similarly featured and priced has given up and gone off the market. Another has dropped their price $9,000. So we asked our realtor to e-mail their realtor to see if they thought our offer was more appealing now. And it is.
I actually asked the realtor, "Should we see if they might consider our offer again? Or is a bad idea like calling ex-boyfriends when you're lonely?" Apparently in house hunting, this is a good idea. Not so much in spouse hunting.

Of course, because I'm a girl and this is what girl's do when relationships don't look like they'll work out, they vilify the ex. He doesn't have a fireplace. (I've had one for the past three years and never used it.) I can do better. (Not really. This is kind of as good as it gets for our price range.) We wanted to live in an easily walkable area. (I can bike to work, and Kroger is an easy walk.) One of the trees in the backyard is that tree with the sticky prickly balls and Lee wants a collie. (Lee's collie, Lee can cut them out.)

So I'm going to go see the house again tonight. See if the old feelings are there before we officially re-offer. I'm sure I'll fall in love again though. It's a pretty great house.

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Han said...

Thats exciting right?

I do love the house that we are in now but I did adore the one we firstly made an offer on - it was a victorian house so it was kinda quirky and had funny sized and shaped rooms. But this house is lovely and it's ours :D

p.s. I like Dolly too - my Mum brought me up on her music.

Katie said...

It is exciting! I think I'm mostly in a disbelief/omg-we're-about-to-spend-all-that-money-we-saved moment. But I am very excited!

Stef said...

That's awesome! I wish someone would fall in love with the house I'm trying to sell so I can buy the house I want to so far is still on the market.

I hope you still love the house and it works great for you :)

Katie said...

Stef -- I hope you're able to work out something with your house soon! We're sending off our contract soon so fingers crossed!

Erin said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hope you relove the house! Good luck!

Katie said...

I did relove the house Julia! Now I'm just waiting to know that they officially accept our offer...