Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Pictures

All of these pictures are also over at the photoblog but here they are with explanations.
april 7
Hair trim and eyebrow waxing were successful.
april 6
It looks like someone's about to start making a Jane Austen dress. :D
april 5
So on Easter Sunday I went to make the pasta salad (Smitten Kitchen won) right before we were supposed to be at Grandmommy's. But as I went to boil the water, power went out. So we picked up some Walmart pasta salad for Grandmommy's and I made the salad the next night for me, myself and I (What else to do with all the peas!?). It has made for a lovely lunch this week!


Rebecca said...

lovely trim and jane austen dress!

Katie said...

Thanks Rebecca!

stefanie said...

The pasta salad looks yummy!

Katie said...

It was yummy! Thanks!