Monday, January 19, 2009


I have long debated getting Netflix. I knew I wanted it and that it was a total bargain, but I'm cheap and lazy. My desires have won though and I now have the $8.99 Netflix plan: unlimited movies one at a time and unlimited online movies. I'm already wanting to bump it up to two at a time but I'll try to resist for a few more months at least.

There are zillions of movies I've been wanting to see for the past 25 years but haven't yet, and there's already about 140 movies in my cue. If I managed to do 3 movies a week...I'm bad at math but it's going to be a long time before I watch all these. My current Top 10 (mostly in order of when I found them):
1. Kung Fu Panda (It was Mama Mia but I just borrowed that from family instead.)
2. The Darjeeling Unlimited
3. The Royal Tennenbaums
4. Rushmore
5. Being John Malcovich
6. The House Bunny
7. The Duchess
8. Wilde
9. Definitely, Maybe
10. Smart People

In other news, LOLcats + Pride and Prejudice = Pure Internet Awesome

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Amy Jackson said...

We have Netflix and we LOVE it! We bumped ours up to 2 movies (+Unlimited Instant) just after the wedding. You should see if some of your 140+ movies are available instant. I'm willing to bet that a few are and you can watch those while waiting for your new one in the mail. Yay for Netflix!