Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review: WICKED!

Lee and I went to go see the Wicked here in Louisville last night and it was AMAZING!!! I felt like a little kid again (That happens fairly often...) as I watched in amazement at all the lights and I cried during "Defying Gravity" and "For Good" and the whole thing was just wonderful and amazing and everything I ever could have imagined!!!! I told Lee that if it had really been Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth then I probably would have wet my pants with delight! I've been listening to the soundtrack all day (Oh! "Defying Gravity" just started!!) and it was just amazing.

Last night, as I was in awe of Elphaba's soaring into the air, Glinda's hair tosses and the amazing dragon-clock machine, I kept remembering my first trip to the theater.

It all started in 3rd grade when I saw a Reading Rainbow special on CATS. I was completely fascinated by the costumes and make-up and I loved kittens! I always loved it when the advanced piano students would play "Memories" at piano recitals. Then in 6th or 7th grade CATS came to Owensboro and I begged my parents to take me. My parents weren't really in to musicals, particularly ones with dancing cats, so they had my uncle take me. I still remember what I wore (Plaid skirt with oxford shirt and lime green sweater, knee-high socks and clogs. I thought I was very Cher from Clueless.) and how I felt, sitting in the balcony as the lights started to flash throughout the theatre. I was completely enthralled and sang Mr. Mistofolles all week.

Not only is Wicked an amazing and beautiful sight and sound, I really enjoyed the story. It varies greatly from the book, but in ways that are understandable as a long, dark political fantasy is translated into a Broadway sensation. I even like the musical version better since it ends much happier. Since I've never liked The Wizard of Oz I love the idea that Wicked Witch is more of an anti-government rebel trying to save the lowly in society than an evil, malicious witch. Wicked also deals with a lot of important issues: the consequences of blindly following government leaders, the complexities of moral ambiguities, the importance of treating others with respect, the motives behind "being good" and so on.

I've heard rumors of a movie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Amy Jackson said...

I read Wicked and wasn't incredibly impressed. However, I couldn't help but want to read Son of a Witch which is the second installment in the series. I like it much better so far. It moves at the same pace (sluggish)but I just like the storyline better. I LOVE Idina Menzel and have actually bought her CD that came out about a year ago. She re-recording Defying Gravity and it sound much more "pop" than the Broadway version but I still love the song. I'm glad you enjoyed the musical and I hope to see it for myself one day.