Friday, January 16, 2009

New Goals, Renewing Goals

I have a new goal! Apparently England has cross-country bike trips and despite my current lack of a bike or biking abilities. Lee and I have discussed that it would be nice to take up biking. (I also want to take up tennis, but that's mostly for the cute clothes.) We'll see how this new and moderately lofty goal goes since my basic fitness goals have not been going well so far, which I blame on a variety of factors. Mostly, the fact that it is currently 5 degrees outside (unacceptable) and I'm going to a wedding this weekend for which I need a wrap. To be economical I decided to make a wrap which turned out to take many hours because I don't have a sewing machine and can barely attach a button. I finally finished my project last night and think it turned out well. At least I don't think the flaws in workmanship aren't too apparent. It does look like a bit of a bubble wrap, as in a wrap edged in the style of a bubble skirt, something which I have on occasion been strongly against. In my attempt to keep the fabric together, I found it best to pull the thread tight and kind of scrunch it so you can't see the threads pulling apart. I think it will work. I'm overall proud of me on the domestic craft front, not so proud on the physical front.

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