Thursday, January 8, 2009


Getting up and going running at 6 a.m. has not gone well this week. Surprise! We managed to go Monday morning. Tuesday and Wednesday was a nasty rain/snow mix. (I'll run in the cold but not in the wet!) And this morning was just general laziness. Last night Lee was actually the one to ask if we were going running in the morning and when I tried to get out of it he insisted. (What an excellently supportive running partner I have!!) However, I was able to get him to retract that at 6:15 this morning. (Even the best running partners have weaknesses.) Maybe tomorrow morning? I'm more likely to just wait it out and run on Saturday.

I've decided that I need to set a specific fitness schedule. I did pretty well last year when I started my 10-week beginning runner plan because I had a specific schedule so hopefully I can have the same luck this year. Let's try this:
Monday 30 minute a.m. run
abs/arms pilates p.m.
Tuesday Take Zoey for a long walk p.m.
Wednesday 30 minute a.m. run
arms/legs pilates p.m.
Thursday 30 minute a.m. run
Friday Take Zoey for a long walk p.m.
Saturday 40+ minute run
legs/abs pilates
Sunday Nothing!

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