Tuesday, September 15, 2009


On September 1, I casually commented regarding the size of our apartment and my cramped craft space:
The living area is probably large enough to make a craft nook, but since I hope to be moving into a house sooner than later (Does six months to a year classify as "sooner"?), I'm afraid this is it: a corner shelf in the dining room.

But on September 2 I found a house on the Internet that I really liked! Lee liked it too and so did mom and there was a semi-legit chance we could afford it! So I called the realtor who told us to call her mortgage guy who said that we could afford it so I called the realtor back and we were going to go look at the day after Labor Day but then there were six offers on the house so nevermind.

I wish...

However, now that we know we could have afforded that house, we are officially looking. Which is probably a good idea since our lease is up at the end of April. This gives us plenty of time to look around and get a firmer idea of what we want and need. If we find perfection we'll go ahead and make an offer, but we're casually taking our time, not stressing out...okay, I'm stressing out but that's just how I roll. I've been stressing out about this for months, even when we were no where near buying a home.

Thursday night is our official first night of looking, but I went to a couple open houses with my family over the weekend while Lee was at drill (for Army Reserve). Of the two we saw there is one I'm excited to show Lee. It's at the top of our price range and I don't know if we really want to pay that at this point in our search, or maybe ever for our first one. What's the point of giving up cable to own a house if you can't invite people over to watch ESPN? We can't give up cable going into football and basketball season. That's just ridiculous!

So yeah, we're officially house hunters. God have mercy on our poor realtor who has to deal with us me! During our first meeting she commented, "For someone who's so excited, you sure do worry about things a lot."

Yes, yes I do.



thegamerswife said...

Congrats are starting your house hunt! How exciting! :)

amy said...

Aww, so fun! Congrats! :)

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

How fun! I love looking for houses- I still look even though I've already found one :). Make sure you have your loan approved so that you can jump on one if you fall in love!

Katherine said...

Yay for house hunting! Want to come look at ours? :o)