Thursday, September 3, 2009


holiday Toaster Strudel
 Some homemade by moi Toaster Strudel art from last Christmas.

I've been thinking about Christmas for quite some time because A. I love Christmas and reflect on it year-round (What gifts do I want? What gifts should I give? Is it acceptable to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas in April? I miss it.) and B. I'm trying to do a lot of homemade gifts this year so the time to start planning is yesterday!

I have been planning for some time now and things are finally starting to come together so I can start crafting.

Is it wrong that I love making these homemade gifts (or I think I will when I start very soon) because it's like buying gifts for me?! Beads and fat quarters and stamps and card stock! I don't get to keep the fruits of my labor, but I get to keep the tools and have fun crafting!

So far, I'm thinking about some purses, cards and earrings. Oh the fun I will have with my 10% off entire purchase at Joann Labor Day coupon fiesta!


amy said...

I absolutely love Christmas! I'm so excited that its only a few months away!!

I wish I were crafty enough to make my own gifts... :)

VA said...

What are "fat quarters"?

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Fat quarters are a way that fabric is often packaged for sold. It's a quarter of a yard of fabric cut fat-ways, not long, so it's like (ahh! Head math!!) 18"x22". Perfect for small projects!