Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Reasons to Watch Glee

I am so loving Glee. It is awesome and within the first two episodes they have covered three of the greatest songs of all time. Tonight has Josh Groban so I don't know if we'll hit it out of the park again, but if you're not watching this show you really should. (I wish I was getting paid to say this, but I'm not. I'm just very strongly pro-Glee.)

First, there was Rehab. (This is by the opposing school, but it's AWESOME!)

Then there was THE greatest song of all time, Don't Stop Believing.

And then last week, my personal anthem. (Kanye might be a jackass, but he makes some great music.)

I have my fingers crossed for Free Bird this week.


Dawn said...

I LOVE Glee! I TiVo it and watch it during Sam's naps the next day.

Jill said...

i haven't watched it yet but i've heard SO much. and now that i've seen videos- i'm all over it next week!