Friday, September 18, 2009


When I got married, the main date I took into consideration for when NOT to get married was the date of the UK vs. UofL football game. Yet one year later, I'm casually making plans with no consideration to football. (Foolish.) So tomorrow while I should be laughing out loud at how crappy UofL's team is and making apologies to Mike Hartline for everything I yelled at him the TV last season, I will be riding rollercoasters with UofL fans (and one Purdue fan).

I also missed the first game of football season for the zoo. I was so excited about football season (a lovely appetizer to basketball season) but have had no football-viewing fun yet this year! Although it was nice to hear of our shutout against some Ohio team.

(FYI, I just do UK football, beyond that it doesn't matter. Although it's always nice to hear of UofL, Tennessee, Florida and UGA losses. Does Duke play football? I hope they lose too.)

Lee and I at the zoo
Lee and I sporting our colors at the zoo.

Know, that as I scream tomorrow, I will be screaming, "CCCCCCCCAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and I will be sporting my Kentucky blue. And expecting my dad to text me every time someone scores or UofL does something laughable. Can someone also keep a tally of how many times Cragthorpe has to consult his Waffle House menu for play ideas? Thanks.

But it will really be an awesome weekend, even if I don't get to watch my favorite team destroy my least favorite team. First, off to Columbus to visit Lee's brother and wife, then Cedar Point (see below), and then I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off to go visit my family and pick up Zoey from her visit with "Nana".

Have a fabulous weekend!


Jenn said...

UGA losses? Oh you've just started a war.... ;)

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Bring it! :P