Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Paper Anniversary

The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper. Lee and I had previously decided to not really get each other gifts but to spend the money going to the zoo (pictures later this week, perhaps?) and to a nice dinner. However, when I saw this craft project, I knew it was the perfect present for my lolcat-loving husband.

Here is my piano-playing paper cat. He's not great at playing the piano, but is generally fun to look at.

Paper Cat

The instructional video for this project is both informative and entertaining, if you want to watch it.

Oh, and Lee gave me some beautiful peachy roses.

And I forgot to share this earlier, but obviously I survived the dentist last week.Go me! I didn't even cry! Although there was a bit of flinching. 


Han said...

For my first wedding anniversary I bought CJ a paperback novel (I think it was Gordon Ramsey's Autobiography) and a packet of paper for the printer - I was trying to be imaginative and somehow it seemed funny.

For our second wedding anniversary because it's cotton I bought him a pack of pants! (in the sense of underwear) They were 100% cotton!

Ashley Paige said...

that's super cute and SO creative! my husband and i took the lame way out and bought each other plane tickets (paper) and wrote each other letters for our first anniversary (which is kinda neat because we plan on doing it every year now..) two years though? i'm definitely stumped. our cotton anniversary??! Definitely more lame than paper... although i do love the above commenter who bought her husband underwear!!!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I would say that underwear is definitely the way to go for second anniversary. Or maybe an "I <3 My Wife" t-shirt. ;)