Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pillow Fabric...Check!

I found the fabric I want to use for my new couch pillows at Hobby Lobby this weekend. Joy!

new pillow fabric

Of course this leads to a new problem. I had planned on doing your basic square, sew the right sides together and turn it inside out, pillow. But perhaps I should consider some more possibilites? I could add a couple pleats? Or what do you call that trim around the edge that's like a tube? Do you just call it tubing? I don't know, but you can see a sample of it above along the seam of the couch.

I think the more pressing concern of the moment is my overgrown craft corner.

craft area
Ooh...someone played with Photoshop Elements!

We just have a one-bedroom apartment and Lee's monster of a computer desk is in our bedroom. The living area is probably large enough to make a craft nook, but since I hope to be moving into a house sooner than later (Does six months to a year classify as "sooner"?), I'm afraid this is it: a corner shelf in the dining room.

I'm wondering if I could find the books on the bottom shelf a new home. (In case you're curious, I organize my books alphabetically by author by genre. The bottom shelf here is religion and travel.) The Christmas Craft-Extravaganza (Coming Soon) will need more space. I might just have to put them on top of one of the other two taller bookshelves, as I've already had to do with Lee's textbooks.


VA said...

That tube-y finish is called "piping"!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

It was on the tip of my tongue! Thanks!

Katherine said...

Too bad you're not looking for a house now! ;o)