Friday, September 25, 2009

Excessively Ambitious Weekend Plans

065 This is just an awesome picture I took at the zoo. It has nothing to do with what is about to follow. 

I've filled this weekend with more goals than is probably humanly possible, because I'm good at that and have a bunch of stuff to do. Perhaps I am most likely to be successful if I break it down into timed segments.

6 pm   Eat dinner with family
9 pm   Watch my Netflix movie (Crash) because I have been a ridiculous Netflix loser this month and watched nothing and I try to watch at least 4-6 because I'm all about calculating my price per film.
11 pm    Catch up on as many DVRed TV shows as possible: Glee, The Office, Project Runway, Models of the Runway (although I'm thinking that last one is kind of lame).

11 pm   Up and running. Not metaphorically, actually on the street running, during which time I will calculate a plan to start working out more regularly because I haven't been working out much at all lately.
noon   Hopefully it will be a long run, and now I shall do crunches. Then shower and look cute.
1 pm   Lunch
1:30 pm   Drive around town trying to find OPI's Moon over Mumbai. (Long story. For next week perhaps.)
3 pm   Return home successful and paint my nails. Perhaps finish catching up on TV.
3:30 pm   Finish writing My First Pride and Prejudice. Yes, I am turning Pride and Prejudice into a children's novel book/craft project for the cutest toddler in America. Of course, I've also thought about avoiding the whole mess and just buying her the comic book to get her started.
5 pm   Megan and Richie are coming over to visit and watch the UK game! I'm going to have UK fans to watch a UK game with! I'm so happy I could cry! To order pizza or cook? That is the question.
6 pm   Go Cats!

9 am   Mass
10 pm   Coffee and donuts
11 pm   Church Round 2 with Lee's family
noon   Lunch
1 pm   Upload pics from Cedar Point. Write some blog posts for upcoming week.
2 pm   Work on children's novel book.
3:30 pm   Work on some craftiness surrounding someone's birthday present.
4:30 pm   Read some Lord of the Rings because I would like to finish it sooner than later so I can officially declare Harry Potter the winner.
6 pm   Dinner
Maybe this exercise wasn't necessary. Maybe I can get everything done this weekend. I probably should go to the grocery at some point...I should have put that in earlier...we'll allow this gap in the schedule because I'll be lucky if I stick to this through Friday evening. 
9 pm   Desperate Housewives premiere! Will Mike marry Susan or Katherine?! I DON'T KNOW!
10 pm   Get ready for bed and snuggle up with some Frodo until I fall asleep.

This seems to be totally achievable! Not nearly as bad as I originally thought. Perhaps I should always specify my schedule like this. We'll see how things are on Sunday night. *fingers crossed!*


Pin said...

Models of the Runway is very lame. It's not as exciting as I thought it would be-- where's the drama? The catfights? The Tyra Banks-level of crazy??

Tell Megan and Richie I said hi!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

You can feel the producers trying to squeeze out 22 minutes of action. It looks a little more promising next with the model trainer guy.