Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Natural

Lately I've been on this natural/organic kick. I've tried this before because it seemed like the cool thing to do, but now I feel it is the right thing to do. And it hasn't turned out be as expensive as I thought it would it be (Although I still buy normal cheese, milk and some meats because that's just really expensive.).

There were several things that kind of happened at once to start this. Several of my friends had recently expressed their concern about where our food comes from and the things that go in it. Do you really need high fructose corn syrup in bread? No you don't. And my office had started going in together with a local CSA to get some fresh, local fruits and veggies. (This was also a great opportunity for us to learn what on earth chard is.) Then I saw the video bleow, which is awesome even if you don't like Star Wars.

In addition to health and environmental benefits, it is so much more fun to shop at healthy grocery stores. Don't get me wrong, I love a good trip to the Walmart, but I truly enjoy being in Whole Foods and Fresh Markets. Plus you can't beat their Sample Saturdays. No where else will the cashier flip through their mailer to find coupons for you. The employees always ask to help you find things or  share personal recommendations. It's amazing.

On Sunday I had bought a bag of honey crisp apples (AWESOME) from Fresh Market and had griped all the way home about the $8 I spent on them. (For four apples! Four huge apples, but still only four apples. I can get a whole sack of organic gala apples at Walmart for $3.96.) On Monday, I go to cut into the first one...and it's rotten. I even checked with a co-worker who is more produce knowledgeable and she told me to take it back. I called the store to make sure I could exchange it and they said it would not be a problem to bring it back.

"Not a problem" does even describe how amazing they were yesterday when I returned with my bad apple. They never even looked at my receipt. A cashier immediately came to my aid, walked me to their produce guide, everyone apologized (I mean, it happens, I understand.) and the produce guy walked me to the apples, helped me pick out a new one and gave me an extra. I'll pay $8 for apples if they come with that kind of service. And they really are the best apples ever.

honeycrisp apple

I must say though, before you start to think I've become some kind of health nut, there are some things that I don't care how many chemicals are in them and I never will:
  • Oreos
  • Ice cream
  • Velveeta cheese logs
  • Candy, candy, candy
  • Chef Boyardee
  • Velveeta Shells and Cheese (The best mac and cheese ever.) 
  • Eggo waffles (Although I do get the whole wheat kind.)
  • Little Debbie Christmas trees and Valentine hearts
  • Pillsbury crescent rolls
  • Pillsbury cookies
  • Chocolate
And there's probably several more...


Katherine said...

We split a CSA share with another couple through Grasshoppers and we love it!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

That's the one we use! Neato!

kim_brough said...

Okay, I guess I'm the earth hating reader who doesn't know what the heck a CSA share is. Educate me?

And on the list of things you won't give up, I'm assuming that "candy candy candy" is said just like Garfield says it in his Christmas special??

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Kim -- I totally forgot about the Garfield Christmas special, which is one of the greatest Christmas specials ever! Thanks for the reminder.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Essentially you pay a local farm or group of farms for some of their food. Here's the website for the one we use:

VA said...

I'm with you - I'll buy organic produce any day of the week. But when I want an Oreo, I want the most processed, chemically enhanced Oreo money can buy.

All things in moderation, right?

kim_brough said...

Last year I bought the Garfield DVD that has the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas specials on it. 10 bucks or so well spent.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Finding that collection is my new goal for the holiday season! Where did you find it!?