Friday, October 16, 2009

Wine + Me + Silent Auction = My Football!

So last night, Lee and I went to this charity dinner and silent auction for one of his clients. (Lee does IT stuff that I don't understand. Have I mentioned that?) As we're getting in the car to leave for the event, I mention that we don't really have any money so we should keep the drinking and bidding to a minimum if at all. Lee comments that his boss said that bidding was fun and of course we should bid. Okay, whatever, we'll see.

The Earleys

Well everyone got two drink tickets and I'm a bit of a light-weight anyway and then there was free wine on the table and Christmas is coming up...

So we started by bidding on this mediocre piece of art but lose interest once it reached $20.

And then I find the autographed UK stuff. (GO CATS!) The Coach Cal autographed basketball and book were clearly my first choice, but that was a little pricey. I enjoyed bidding for the Coach Brooks football though and was surprised/excited/scared when I secured my Christmas present for $60.

Me with my football!

For the rest of the evening I struggled with some buyer's remorse. I did just spend $60 on a football. I don't even know how to throw a football! (Ehh...this one is just for display anyway.) But as Lee often reminded me, I didn't buy a $60 football, I made a $60 donation for which I received a football. And it's a wonderful cause.

I am really excited about my football though. We can watch the games together. I can hold it and pace with it during intense football moments because Zoey dosen't like it when I get anxious and start pacing with her. 

Zoey's new brother

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VA said...

Congrats on your winning bid! And may I say your outfit looks fabulous :)