Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We Are Now Coffee Drinkers

I think Lee and I have officially reached the point of being coffee drinkers. It seems insignificant, yet I feel like this deserves its own post.

I have always loved flavored cappuccinos/lattes (Is it time for peppermint white mochas at Starbucks yet?!), but coffee took some time, even with all the cream and sugar I add. I started drinking coffee at my first post-college job because it was free and 8 a.m. is way too early to have to be at work. Eventually it grew on me, but I left there and moved to a tea-drinking office. Then my next job required a monthly donation to join the "coffee club", but I was too cheap and lazy to join. Now I've been in a free coffee office for almost a year and my dependency has grown. The weekends are increasingly difficult since they lack coffee.

Lee has never liked coffee. Even if you put steamed milk and chocolate syrup in it. Lee survives on Mountain Dew, averaging three a day. I've suggested that this is an unhealthy amount of Mountain Dew to consume, perhaps he should try coffee, but he would refuse.

Then last week I got a call from Lee. It was during the work day. You should know that during office hours Lee generally only calls for real, pressing reasons, but last week:

Me: Hi honey, what's up?
Lee: I think I'm going to start drinking coffee.
Me: Really? Why?
Lee: I had some this morning and I am WIRED! I have gotten so much done! My hands are shaking!
Me: That's great! I'm happy for you!
Lee: We should get a coffee pot. We can make coffee at home.
Me: We do have some bank reward points we could cash in...
Lee: I don't want a crappy coffee pot. Make sure it's a good coffee pot.
Me: Well, we could get a Target gift card and go get anyone we want.
Lee: It should have one of those timers so they'll be coffee ready when I wake up....

So this weekend we got our coffee pot. We are now official "coffee drinkers".


مى said...

Awesome! I could never live without my coffee pot! It doesn't have a timer though.. :(

I should totally get a new one.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Actually, we haven't even used our timer. I just get it set up the night before then hit the go button in the morning. It brews while I brush my teeth/get dressed/shower.

Hookah Shisha Huka Accessories Charcoal said...
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kim_brough said...

2 things: One, great quote from Linus, who was always my fave b/c he had a blanket and so did I. (What do I mean did? I'm 27 and it's sitting right beside me!)
Two, are you going to watch UK practice at Freedom Hall on Sunday??
Three (yea, I added a third). Holy CRAP! I'm 27! Shiz!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I WAS going to the open practice on Sunday except for stupid UofL got their panties in a wad and now we can't have our practice. : (

And blankets are awesome.