Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Dollars

I'm Catholic; Lee's Presbyterian. Sometimes to bridge the gap at dinner, I will say a freestyle grace.

I'm horrible at freestyle spoken prayer. (Not that anyone can be really bad at prayer because the important thing is that you pray, doesn't matter what you say.) I go off on tangents and say awkward things. For example, a few months ago while I was freestyling grace before dinner, I said, "Dear God, I just want to thank you for all the amazing and wonderful things you've blessed us with. [So far, so good...] I know a bitch a lot --"

What is wrong with me?! So in an attempt to apologize to God for all my complaining when I know how lucky and blessed I am, I said, "I know I bitch a lot." This is why I like to stick with "Bless us O Lord".

But in all honesty, and moving past my use of the b-word during prayer, I do complain way more than I should. I always want more when really, I have more than enough, more than most even.

When I think about areas to improve as a person and Christian, I think the biggest thing for me (and really what it all boils down to) is loving and giving generously. Sharing your love, time, fortune, gifts, chocolate chip cookies, extra tickets, hugs, anytime minutes generously with no holding back. Love love love. Give give give.

We were at Lee's church yesterday (I go to mass every week. Sometimes Lee comes too. Sometimes we go to his church. There's lots of church.) and the minister had a particularly challenging sermon seeing as he gave us all money. For real.

As we were reflecting on the story of the widow's mite and how when we give it's not from what belongs to us but from the abundance God has given us, he told us to pass out the envelopes that were at the ends of the pew. Inside was $2 to give to someone in need this week.


I'm really excited about my $2 and a chance to be a better giver. I haven't decided who's getting it yet. Louisville seems to be a hot spot for people collecting money at intersections, more so than anywhere I've lived. Or, my best friend just had her appendix taken out so she might need some flowers, cookies, or trashy magazines. (Okay, maybe trashy magazines aren't the best idea but they would be appreciated by the person in need!) Lots of options!

I was out one afternoon walking through the Highlands with some friends, one of whom was a friend of a friend I had never met before. We wandered by someone asking for money and friend-of-a-friend just gave the woman $5. As we moved on, someone made the comment wondering if the $5 was just going to the liquor store across the street, which was exactly what I was thinking. But then friend-of-a-friend said, "Well that's between her and God." Friend-of-a-friend is very wise.

Goal for my 26th year: Give more. Love more. Don't ask questions. Just give and love. Starting with this $2.

And maybe complain less too.


Hannah said...

You should listen to the podcast of the sermon from my Church this week! IT WAS GOOD! lol. I don't really like freestyle prayer either hehe - especially at house group (We have two of the church elders in our group!) It's funny cos I'm happy to lead worship just me and my guitar but you get me to pray and it's like a one sentence thing lol

I bought a present for one of the girlies at church and I told her yesterday that I had this present for her. She told me that I spoil her (I gave her a lift to and from a conference on Friday even though I was actually travelling to somewhere about 20 minutes ago, after band practice on a thursday we walk to my house (which is like the street over from the church) to get my car then I take her home so she doesn't walk home on her own)

I'm not boasting about what I do for her because thats between me, her and God. I just wanted to say helping someone doesn't need to be just a stranger as you said it could be your friend.

Have a good day :)

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

It always feels so good to give and help others! My love language is gifts and so I adore not only receiving but also giving to others. I think the toughest part is giving to others and having them not appreciate it, AT ALL. It can be quite the let down, but I just try to not let it get to me. Am I giving to make myself happy or giving to make someone else happy? And yeah, know what you mean about the complaining, I'm always trying to think and speak more optimisticly

VA said...

Katie, there was an article on Slate's women's issues magazine today on the very topic of being mindful about how much we complain:

Worth a read. It definitely gave me a little reality check about how much whiny stuff vs how much nice stuff comes out of my mouth.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Ginny -- I loved that article! I got a little concerned when they brought up The Complaint Free World because I have been scarred against that program. I was very glad to see that they think it's ridiculous too.
As with everything, complain in moderation. ;)

Katherine said...

What a great post, Katie. Thank you. :o)

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

You're welcome :)

kim_brough said...

Curious as to what/wno you ended up giving your $2 to.

I also have been trying to give and love more. Once I take myself out of the center of the universe (I always end up there no matter how hard I try not to!) it makes things fall better into perspective. I've started by tipping my waiters better. I was never very good at that, but my cellphone has a tip calculator that is easy to use so that helps!