Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My New "Sport"

Awhile ago, I posted this rambling about how I felt very boring and old, yet was repeatedly carded for R-rated movies. Despite being very happy with my life, I felt like I should be doing more of something that makes for a better story than, "Well I watched You've Got Mail again" come Monday morning. (Although that does sound like a pretty sweet weekend.)

I have decided that the real problem is my lack of doing things. I accomplish what needs to get done, but I want to do more than that. Expense is partly to blame, but I also get lazy and tired and just stay home. So I'm resolving to do more fun things, more activities, more somethings.

What are these "things" of which I speak? There are several. Some are big; some are small. At some point I might make some sort of goal list. But I took an important step this weekend in one of my big goals, or I guess my dad did, by bringing me my old bike.

my bike?
I don't even know if this is the kind of the bike I should be riding. I've had it for at least a decade and have probably ridden it twice. Considering we're heading into non-ideal bike weather, who knows when I'll start biking (Santa's going to bring me a helmet!), but I have a bike.

Bike riding isn't really the ultimate goal though. Yes, it will be a great way to stay in shape and a fun activity for Lee and I to do together (Believe it or not, Lee does not enjoy You've Got Mail weekends.). The ultimate goal is to bike across England. For reals. There's a website and everything. I really want to do this.

I have no idea when we'll go. I have no idea when in the foreseeable future we'll be able to afford to fly to England (or sleep or eat). Not to mention we'll be having kids in the next couple years. But, I have a bike. I might need to get a different one, but there is a bike in my apartment. I've taken the first step.


Braxton Colagross said...

Katie and Lee,

You know, Ashley and I do the biking thing together a lot. It's too bad we don't live closer to one another. We've gotten pretty serious about involving bikes in our fun having and flew to Chicago to test ride a few just last month. (Claire's first plane trip!)

Katie, if this girl can ride like she is and sleep outside frequently, I see no reason not to try doing the same across a much smaller country! http://www.victoriasride.com/

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

It is too bad we don't live closer together! We'll definitely have to hit you guys up for advice! I picked out my helmet from Santa today! Very awesome. Gray and peach!

Ashley Colagross said...

The England Ride sounds awesome.