Friday, October 23, 2009

My Mixed Feelings for Fall

The leaves and my serotonin levels are falling

Fall would be a perfectly fine season if it didn't signal the coming of winter. I hate winter. I really really hate winter. It's barely tolerable for the holiday season but then I'm done with it. When I wake up on December 26, I want sweater-weather until summer. As in just a sweater, not a sweater under my gigantic parka with scarves, hats and gloves and the occasional pair of thermal underwears. I hate winter. And fall only serves to remind me that it's almost winter...again. And today is a miserably rainy fall day.



Hannah said...

I just want to be comfy in my clothes again lol. I'm too hot then I'm too cold then I'm frozen - at this precise moment I'm sat in the office without my shoes on because I was too hot

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

YES! I especially hate it when I go shopping and I'm all bundled up so I don't catch hypothermia on my way to the mall but then I got hot in the mall and I don't want to carry my pea coat. Of course, the reverse can happen in the summer, but a light sweater is so much easier to tote around than a coat!

kim_brough said...

I love it all! A girl like me NEEDS to cover up with winter clothes.

As far as the shirts go, I think I'm way too lazy for that! But it's a good option to store in the memory bank if I need it.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I feel the same way about winter and Christmas. I like wearing sweaters and drinking hot chocolate... until Christmas is over. Right now, I'm struggling with the days getting shorter. I hate it when it's dark so early!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I hate the shorter days too! When am I supposed to get things done if the only daylight I have is spent at work?! It makes it very difficult for me to go jogging.

Jill said...

me too! i'm all for a sporadic day of chilliness so i can wear my cute pea coats and wool sweaters. but my sporadic, i mean 1 day in november (for good measure), 2 days in december (preferably dec 24 and 25), and 1 day in january (the day after mlk day, so it will snow and we'll have an extra day off work).

then let's get back to sunshine and breezes.