Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the House Hunt Continues

dream house?
Lee and I doodled our "dream house" while waiting for dinner at Macaroni Grill. If you draw it, it will come?

I hate to disappoint but the housing update is that there is no update. In fact, we have not (and will not) stepped into a potential house for the whole month of February because THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE.

*bangs head on anything I can find* (Actually, not really. I've been banging my head on things all month that it just doesn't matter anymore.)

On January 31 we saw a house that Lee loved and I was "shmeh" about. After further reflection, I came to see Lee's point that it has more than any house we had seen yet. How much more? It's painful to reflect, but basically: 2-car garage, pantry, walk-in-closets IN EVERY SPACIOUS BEDROOM, finished basement, deck, nice appliances, a master suite, on a dead-end street, most square footage we've seen (about 2900).

So who cares that it's at the top of the price range with all kinds of carpet I want to replace?! Plus had a kitchen that could use about $5,000 to really maximize the space but DIDN'T ACTUALLY NEED ANY ADUJUSTMENTS?! Apparently I do. Apparently that bothered me so much I had to stew on it and then it was sold about 3 days before we were going to see it again. Right as Lee and I were having daily conversations along the lines of, "You want to buy this house?" "I think I want to buy this house!" it disappeared from our lives forever. (And no, the financing hasn't fallen through yet. We've been hoping watching.)

I was expecting this. Everyone I know who has bought a house has had "the house that got away". But in the end they usually always find something better. So I'm sure at any minute now we'll find something better. It's just been a slow month. There have been some biggish snows that I'm sure have been slowing people down from listing my dream house. And rumor has it that March is the hot month to put your house on the market. And March starts in four days!!

I'm also consoling myself with the reminder that when we started looking at houses, I was more afraid that we would find something too soon than have to extend our lease (which ends April 27). I'm sure I said that I would rather extend the lease a month than move out three months early. And the longer we look the more money we save!

But oh! The anticipation is driving me crazy!


Jamie said...

You really have a great attitude about it! When I bought my first house (the one I'm in right this second) I looked at 37 prior to it. #23-ish was THE ONE. And it didn't happen. I cried like a pansy in a parking lot thinking God didn't love me. He proved me wrong AGAIN.

Amy Jackson said...

I wish I could be looking at houses here... I really really really want to decorate a nursery but it's not going to happen right now. Enjoy the hunt! If you draw it, it WILL come!

Erin said...

Sorry your hunt has been stressful so far. Hopefully you'll find something soon! Good luck!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Thanks for the emotional support and uplifting stories! :)

thegamerswife said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you will find the perfect home for you both at the perfect time!

Rebecca said...

Don't worry! You'll find something soon. As someone told us: don't try to buy your second house first.

It's good that you're giving it lots of thought, though. We didn't. Bought the first decent house we saw within three hours of seeing it. That's not what I'd do next time, but we still love the "The Jewel of Mardel."