Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Funk

I think I've got a bit of the funk.

This weekend was crazy. Wonderful, but busy. I saw many friends who unless I saw them everyday I could not see them enough. Perhaps because these were friends, who for a brief time, I saw every day. I still don't feel fully accustomed to the idea of barely seeing them 3-4 times a year at best. They're only an hour away, how does that happen?!

So I saw wonderful friends and family this weekend, but really from Thursday through Monday I was not home very much at all. Then the snow came (In light of the SNOWMAGEDON in DC I feel lame just mentioning our 6 inches.) and I got to work from home. While I thought this would give me time to play catch-up, and it did,  I still feel the crazy to-do list towering over me and I can't find the few minutes I need to sit down and just get things sorted out.

Sometimes it feels like life is that mole game. You know the one at Chuck E. Cheese where the moles pop up and you have this big thing to beat them with but there's always another one popping up somewhere else?

I haven't read or worked out nearly as much as I need to. I really need to.

But I made it to the grocery tonight so now I have more food options other than Oreos. (Although I'm still suffering from a menu-planning mental block and even when I look through recipes the only thing I can manage to come up with is spaghetti. Ah...crazy funk!)

And I will be in bed tonight by 11 o'clock. That alone can cure many funks.

Side note: When I say "the funk" I free associate to Old Greg.


Erin said...

That picture is gorgeous! Oh how I wish it would snow in Austin.. if even for just a day!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

One of my best friend's ( lives in Austin and she recently told me that snow was coming so hopefully it will! We're supposed to get more this weekend and if we do, I'm sure I would be glad to mail you some. ;)

stefanie said...

I am feeling the same way. My husband and I have been home since what feels like forever (it pretty much is forever). And so far I haven't done anything productive. We mainly spent time with each other because we don't get to do that a lot but other than that.... well, today is another day and I am determined to get things done.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Good luck Stefanie! I hope you guys stay safe and warm!