Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Well-Read: An Update

This is about how I feel like my reading progress is going: s   l   o   w.

I have improved at remembering to read and making more time to do so. But this whole 50 Books in 2010 thing (fancy link in the left sidebar marks my progress!), which should be about a book a week, is progressing s  l  o  w  l  y.

I blame two things.

First, while I'm enjoying The Lord of the Rings, they're not a quick read. When you add lots of pages of tiny-printed complex storyline and my moderate reading pace, things don't get completed quickly. I feel like two weeks to tackle them individually is totally reasonable and I've been going at a pace of two-three weeks each.

Second, where has my time gone?!?!?! I was determined to finish The Return of the King this weekend but Friday I was doing house tasks and procrastinating on them ridiculously. Then Saturday and Sunday it was pretty much one event after another. The reading time I squeezed in was devoted to my church's women's book group book. While that does count toward my overall reading goal, my total books read is not on track at the moment.

But that's okay. As soon as the LOTR is done I'm going to down some quick reads, which should get me back on track before reading some meatier choices.

So while it doesn't seem like it, I'm making progress. I promise!

Random side note: I did not see Valentine's Day this weekend. We went, got tickets, got in line for popcorn...and waited...until I realized that the movie had already started 4 mintues ago! I leave Lee to go find a seat and the only two seats together are in the front row. So we got a refund and will hopefully go see it soonish.


Caitlin said...

Go go go!! You can do it!!! I think I'm going to copy you and do a book reading goal for the year too. But I'm going to try to read 48 books because I like that number better. Yay!!

Han said...

I'm having that trouble too! My list keeps getting longer and times keeps getting shorter lol. I am reading three chapter by chapter at the moment for 3 different groups all at church which was a little crazy and concludes that I didn't plan very well lol. I actually have to keep playing out what I'm reading and when like some kind of school timetable lol.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Caitlin, You read so much more than I do. Just shoot for 88! ;)

Hannah, Good luck with your reading list!

stefanie said...

Wow you are reading LOTR? I couldn't even watch the movies... well I actually tried to watch them in theaters but fell asleep every single time. I am bad, I know.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I saw the second movie a couple times and hated it because it was totally out of context and I didn't care. Reading the first book was a little tough, but I enjoyed watching the first movie after and that got me to start the second and third books and I've enjoyed those a lot. But I'm also kind of a nerd. ;)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I'm goig to see it tonight and I'm stoked!