Monday, July 19, 2010

The Buying Cycle

I'm a budget-er. The only debt Lee and I have is our house. We have few credit cards and they are paid off when we purchase anything on them. I clip coupons. We have an emergency fund with 3 months income.

These characters are crucial to my survival, because just as meticulously as I record every $1 McDonald's sweet tea, I lovelovelove to spend money. I love the feeling of walking though the mall with recent purchases in hand. It scares me sometimes how much joy I get from spending money. (Of course that joy is increased by knowing I have the money to spend and am getting a great deal.)

This love of spending is something that often needs to be tempered. My mind jumps to spending conclusions quickly and irrationally.

Example: Behind the kitchen wallpaper there was this weird 70s back splash. Concern was expressed about if paint would adhere to it.

"Well we could tile it," I say. "I would like a tile back splash. You know, if we tile, we might as well update the counter tops. And, if we get new counter tops we should probably replace the cabinets too."

It's like the Paris Hilton version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Fortunately, the paint stuck to the back splash.

But the spending-thought-loop is cycling again. For a new bike. (Ha! Pun!)
my bike
I bought my current bike in 1998-ish for $100 from Walmart. After a decade abandoned in the garage, I've pulled it back out to start cycling for health, transportation and because I want to bike across England eventually. Our house is only 1.5 miles from work and it's really silly to drive when I could bike.

But if I bike to work I'll need a basket. And maybe one of those rear rack things. And a bell. And a mirror. And lights.

However, the bike isn't in the best condition. After having my uncle-in-law look at it (He knows about bike things.), the gear shift is still a little wonky. I pretty much just stay in second because adjustments require shift-wiggling and painful sounds. Why get pretty accessories for a bike that's near death?! (Uncle said it would be fine to use but clearly with all the creaking it's not.)

And look at how pretty this is! And this is in my dream bike colors! Hmm...


Ashley Colagross said...

Yay for biking! The trip across England does sound marvelous. While you're drooling with options, might I offer something European for that ride across England. These bike will probably outlive both of us. I love my Velorbis Scrap Deluxe. I think you might like the Studine.

VA said...

Katie, I am doing exactly the same thing right now. "Well, if we're getting a new dresser, maybe we should also get a new bed. And a new couch. And wouldn't some new dishes look so nice on the new dining room table?"

Somebody intervention me, please.