Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden Growth

I haven't really figured out the gardening yet. Of course I haven't tried that hard. That's on the list for next year. But one of our rose bushes has a very ambitious branch. 
What is up with that? It kind of weirds me out, but I've enjoyed watching it bloom.
This was one day.
And this was the next. 
In other good plant news, I have a couple tomato plants in a container and they're blooming! Fingers crossed they'll be real tomatoes soon. 


Pin said...

LOL, i love the progession of the bloom!

steph anne said...

Pretty!!! At least yours are still alive... mine died a few weeks ago. :(

Han said...

My gerberas are dying after That Boy drowned them while trying to deter the ants. lol. We have two rose bushes in our garden one with red blooms and one with pinky white blooms

Dawn said...

Tip: tickle the tomato buds a few times cross-pollinates them and helps them produce tomatoes.

Katie said...

Thanks everyone!
Steph Anne – Sorry about your flowers. They were really cute while they lasted.
Hannah – At least the ant problem was solved?!
Dawn – For real? Like tickle like I like to do with Lee's feet because it makes him squirmy and giggly? Very interesting...