Thursday, July 8, 2010

Starting the Art-ing

Okay, so that promise of post-painting pictures might be put off until next week. Sorry Jenn! But now that things are starting to come together around the house, I'm starting to think more about decorating and art. Here are a few of my ideas.

I saw this vol 25 print when we were still house hunting and I almost burst into tears because it was one of those horribly stressful "We'll never find the right house!" days and this was the perfect reminder of where my priorities needed to be. Now that we have found the perfect house, this print needs a place in it.
Picture 7

I think this Elloh print has been on my Etsy favorites for over a year. I love Audrey, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and this scene.
Picture 6

I was looking around 20x200 this morning and was instantly struck by this picture. Perfect for the food collage in the kitchen.
Picture 8

Also, can one have too many Keep Calm and Carry On posters? I'd like the classic red in the office, but also want the Keep Calm and Bake On variation for the kitchen. Both seem like total necessities.


Pin said...

I LOVE that first print!

And I think you can never have enough "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters. My favorite variation is "Work Hard and Be Kind" with a picture of Conan's hair (of course).

Can't wait to see the post-painting pictures!

Katie said...

The Conan poster sounds awesome!

the real mia said...

I love that photo. It reminds me of my home town.

Katie said...

Thanks Mia! I think it was taken in Santa Barbara.

steph anne said...

I love most of the vol 25 prints! They're so cute! And I definitely love the Santa Barbara picture...too bad it's kind of expensive!