Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Lighter Office

BeforeThe office was a nice color, but in an 8' by 9' office with three desks, one of which is very large (I contend that Lee's desk is too large for the room. Lee contends that he has the most wonderful desk in all of mankind. I need to make him watch that episode of The Office with the superdesk. Except that might just give him ideas. ;) ), the color is too dark.

Thank you Olympic Premium Kiwi Splash for making our office feel light and fluffy happy. :)
See how huge Lee's desk is?!?!
At least I still have room for my precious little sewing table.


Kirsty said...

Oh, I agree! At first sight I thought "that's a great green..." but seeing it compared to the colour now - wow! transformation! It was making the space look so small. Good work!

thegamerswife said...

ahhh the superdesk episode. Hilarious! :) cute wall color!

stefanie said...

This is lovely! I can't wait till we move into a house and paint paint paint! :)

PS: I adore your new blog design. So refreshing!

Rebecca said...

The new colour is really pretty!

Rebecca said...

The new colour is really pretty!