Friday, July 2, 2010

Week in Review: 7/2

I wish this is what my weekend plans looked like, but we'll be painting. The whole time. Wish us luck!

John and Sherry recently shared how to pick paint finish, just in time for painting weekend. Yay!

I love this menu planner! (the top one)

I read lots of cooking blogs, or skim them for recipes, but with Joy, even the directions are fun to read.

Lord Voldemort tweets.
And it is awesome. (Especially if you're not easily offended.)

Happy July 4th everyone! Have wonderful weekends!


Pin said...

LOL, I am loving Lord V's twitter. Hilarious!

(PS: I think Bob Bradley sort of looks like Voldy. And I kinda find him attractive. :/)

Katie said...

I just had to google Bob Bradley. Soccer's lame. But umm...yeah...Voldy is great on Twitter!