Friday, July 23, 2010

Week in Review: 7/23

pesto with tomatoes
I've been pretty lazy lately, but last night I made pesto. Go me! Of course it's the easiest sauce ever, but at least I didn't eat Moe's queso for dinner. Again. 

I'm often too lazy (see above) to attempt many smitten kitchen recipes, but normally just the recipe title is enough to make my jaw drop and drool to pour fourth over my desk. Example: raspberry brown sugar gratin

I now must visit the Hudson Valley.

Inspired Bride is starting a typography series!

Gift bags from newspaper? Brilliant!

Toward the end of the first paragraph where she says, "I like Jcrew and 20 dollar soaps and Bravo TV and also really alot of Britney Spears.", I found my new favorite blog.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah said...

That looks yummy!! What's the recipe?? I'm all in for easy :D

Katie said...

I used Giada's Everyday Italian pesto recipe, which I can't find the link to, but there's about 500 others out there and I'm sure they're all excellent. You can't go too wrong with basil, parm, garlic and pine nuts.